Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Okay so it is officially September meaning that fall is here and soon it will be winter ( booo!!) but it will also mean the holidays!! I love the holidays, I'm such a kid at heart I love christmas and everything christmas, trees, decorations, gifts, hot chocolate, cheesy romantic movies!! ahhh It's good to be nostalgic. But what september really means to me is competition season! and getting organized and getting things accomplished! I have so really big goals for myself and I just feel like now is the right time to go after them.

Some of my goals are

-Compete in the FAP New York and NPC Boston fitness competition ( I have the best theme!! you have to come and watch to see what it is)
-work the Arnold Expo in March of 2010
-get certified in personal training
-get headshots done and get back into the acting and dance world

I have big dreams for me and my future, and I won't stop until I succeed and even then I'll probably get new goals to achieve! I love to challenge myself and try out new things. I am constantly seeking experience and knowledge, you can never know too much! and I love to learn, learn about everything and anything! I am a HUGE nerd but I love it!

So today I start really killing it in everything that I do and I must stay focused and never give up!!

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