Saturday, September 19, 2009

First time Competing

So I plan on competing in the October NPC show in Boston, and the competition is about 6 weeks away and frankly I'm scared out of my mind!!! I have been wanting this for the past year, but like most everything in my life that I've wanted, its always been just that a want. So the idea of me actually making this a reality is putting me into a constant panic attack!! I want nothing more than to get on stage and prove to myself that with hard work and self control I can accomplish anything. I just have to keep positive and keep telling myself that it will be okay, and that I can do this!! I can do this, I Can Do This, I CAN DO THIS!!!!!! and I will do this, I will get on stage and show my friends and family what I've been up to for the past few months but more importantly prove to myself that anything is possible I just have to put my mind to it and concentration.

If you believe, you can achieve!

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